Monday, July 31, 2006

Street Monkey's DAY! (WTF!!!??? N0oB???)

the end of the world is tomorrow!

Sorry for all the spam links but it IS REALLY IS THE END OF THE WORLD

Today wasn't too spectacualr. I slumberered,went on the PC, watched the boob tube, then we went to Leonardo's -then to Target and then i went to Ethan's to do stuff. Ti's all


i cannot prepare myslef for tomorrow.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fine Jello. (WTF??)

2 more days until the world explodes

Wow. Today wasnt a crap load of Sh*t like yesterday. I woke up-went to church-watched t.v.-waited to go to quest- and i stopped making these-stupid hyphens. In after hours I invited a buddy. we did stuff. i know that was quick but i have a mental block so i cannot come up with some stupid story



Saturday, July 29, 2006

2 diapers

3 days left
today was swell (as swell i was using sarcasim)
here's an overall image of how crappy my day was: - wow. amazing

It started today after i got back from karate i helped my dad with shingles on the Gaezeebo or wahteve it's called. After my shift, i soon went on my computer to work on a certian video that i've been working on for the past few days. Few hours later,i got all done but i soon noticed that i did not have the right video format for others to view or post on the web. I soon tired to loove for some convertors to use- THEY ALL SUCKED. So for hours of just looking for some decent convertors i was wasting hours looking at all the crappy convertors and not to mention, when i was looking for files my video document was soon screwing up and i couldnt even open the file!!
and so right now im tryping in a agressive manner (due to another fact that my other 2 original blog posts were deleted so im retyping it for the 3rd time >: )
I'll keep in contact if i do get this video on the web with the right fromat

your ticked off blogger-A7oM

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A non-typical sunday

I had a good Sunday. This kid didn't"

It started when I woke up. I got prepared and we didnt go to church.
While wating for my amigo i Watched some Ren&Stimpy to relieve boredom.
We soon were off and were going to Quest.

Anyway,after that we went to Shlotskzi's or whatever it's called (which is right next game crazy) my friend asked his dad if we could
Stop by game crazy (Im so glad we did.). When we were there Ethan Noticed a NES advantage (awesome NES controller)
and I asked the clerk for Metal Slug 3 for XBOX (for the last time i was there i had noticed the game) and they had it!
and the price was Ub3r cheap. But i did forget to mention on how Loooooooooonga the hold up was.
SOME clerk and and a coustomer were talking about somebody's grilfriends which took minutes to take.

Once i got back to the Hoerr redisdnece (2nd home) Ethan and i WERE LIKE ON crack on this
game. Hours (yes,hours) later we tried out the advantage. Yes it works. It was awesome. Ethan was shooting tri-fireball shots on super mario bros.Awesome.I soon had to go ShopKO with my mom to find shoes.

Not much happened afterwords. Ethan and I Hulled the Xbox at my place. I continued playing MS and blah blah blah. Tis' all.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Make up bloggs.

Sorry to the only 2 ppl that read this crap. I havent "blogged" in a while either because im too lazy or im too busy ( you can make up your mind ;) )

but how very nice of me to bring you a picture to revive those lost days

aww... he couldnt get his twinky.