Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sound the Alarms, Jim Only Hours until Crisis Strikes!!

Some kids are real big Potty Mouths on Get the Picture

Well, anyways, It's only 1 more day till my Birthday. it's amazing how fast your life can be while at other times its as slow as hell. As for events for today, I did diddly squat. Nothing. Except look at Ebay Auctions. For some reason, I'm not too excited for my birthday as I usually am maybe it's just that I'll keep on aging and I will keep aging until I die. Yes, thats a pretty depressing thought but it's true. Also, another possible reason on why I'm not as excited for my Birthday is maybe because I probably won't get the thing I most desire (for now) the Neo-Geo AES. God, I've wanted one of these suckers for about 3 years But have never come close to getting one. so For the last 3 years, I've been playing it on the non-authentic Pc Emulator and semi-decent ports of King of Fighters,Metal Slug, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Although these things are hard to come by It angers me on the fact that it's just so damn expensive, I saw the homecart of Blazing Star (quite Arguably, the best shooter on the system) going on for about 1,050 dollars! If you think thats reidiculous, alot of the Metal Slug AES carts catch for an even higher price. So, When I think about my birthday I more frown when I smile. Go figure.



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