Friday, September 22, 2006

I'll save the last dance for later...part.1

Yes,The dance is referreing to a school dance in about two hours.So nervous....I have no clue and I DONT WANNA GO.

Well,B-day again... boy, was it swell.It started off with Joel driving me to school-then going to Science.We had a quiz...which wasn't that bad at all but soon gave us like a 40-page packet for homework.:( uggh....

Next was reading.The only big story was finishing our Story (which i posted about a day back...)and boy was it a chunk of cheeze...the Poem revolves around a Do-Do bird on top of a high mountain with his whole race dead but him.The funny part was the teacher actually liked it.

Then,Keyboarding.We didn't do much but it was hallarious when Andrea was getting mad at one of our typing programs:"Kaptin Keyboard" she was yelling at the game.I Dont really find that complain about a keyboarding game.

Afterthat, fun fun...tis all.

Lunch:i wasnt hungry :(

Study Hall:Well here's a gross topic:Brandon McCormick's fly was unzipped UGAAAHH GROSS!Nick and I passed notes.It was awesome.

and that tops my whole day...

Part 2 the Dance is going to be another the works...



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