Saturday, July 29, 2006

2 diapers

3 days left
today was swell (as swell i was using sarcasim)
here's an overall image of how crappy my day was: - wow. amazing

It started today after i got back from karate i helped my dad with shingles on the Gaezeebo or wahteve it's called. After my shift, i soon went on my computer to work on a certian video that i've been working on for the past few days. Few hours later,i got all done but i soon noticed that i did not have the right video format for others to view or post on the web. I soon tired to loove for some convertors to use- THEY ALL SUCKED. So for hours of just looking for some decent convertors i was wasting hours looking at all the crappy convertors and not to mention, when i was looking for files my video document was soon screwing up and i couldnt even open the file!!
and so right now im tryping in a agressive manner (due to another fact that my other 2 original blog posts were deleted so im retyping it for the 3rd time >: )
I'll keep in contact if i do get this video on the web with the right fromat

your ticked off blogger-A7oM


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