Sunday, July 16, 2006

A non-typical sunday

I had a good Sunday. This kid didn't"

It started when I woke up. I got prepared and we didnt go to church.
While wating for my amigo i Watched some Ren&Stimpy to relieve boredom.
We soon were off and were going to Quest.

Anyway,after that we went to Shlotskzi's or whatever it's called (which is right next game crazy) my friend asked his dad if we could
Stop by game crazy (Im so glad we did.). When we were there Ethan Noticed a NES advantage (awesome NES controller)
and I asked the clerk for Metal Slug 3 for XBOX (for the last time i was there i had noticed the game) and they had it!
and the price was Ub3r cheap. But i did forget to mention on how Loooooooooonga the hold up was.
SOME clerk and and a coustomer were talking about somebody's grilfriends which took minutes to take.

Once i got back to the Hoerr redisdnece (2nd home) Ethan and i WERE LIKE ON crack on this
game. Hours (yes,hours) later we tried out the advantage. Yes it works. It was awesome. Ethan was shooting tri-fireball shots on super mario bros.Awesome.I soon had to go ShopKO with my mom to find shoes.

Not much happened afterwords. Ethan and I Hulled the Xbox at my place. I continued playing MS and blah blah blah. Tis' all.



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