Monday, October 23, 2006

"Uranium supply...see the waters clear!"

Hello,bored reader,I have posted to comfirm that my monday was *uses Thesaurs* good.

today was your usual mix of work,study,work work
Sicence Started off with Mr.Plack was interegggationg us to see if we studied the life cycle of stars.I didnt read ot,but i did remember the facts from the last Science peroid.Then, we watched a Science video about the Life of stars.It wasnt as good as the dated 1970's docuemtery "the Sunspot Mystery" but it was still good enough to keep me awake-barely.They didnt even get to the main topic until 30 munites later! but i did give a silent laugh when the narrator:
Carl Segan tried to write a googolplex.He used Toilet paper to write down all the zeros in the large numbers.He went all around campus trying to measure out the number. But then he didnt have a enough paper to write the whole number
Reading we read more on "Light in the forest" which is a pretty good book. It's about a White boy being abdonded by his white parents and rasied as an Indian.Im enjoying it except for the homework section |:/ . BUT!! moving on,Keyboarding was as ecxciting as usual and math was pretty good espicaly,the story about the fan.I dont feel like explaining since im such a lazy ox.You'd have to be at my school to know.Lunch was Yummy.Since Nathan wasnt there i talked to Nick.And I told him about Baseball Stars 2.THE BEST BASEBALL GAME.EvuR
Study hall was quite an event. Nick and I talked about how the Girls at our Schools have become cocky and thinking theyre better than us.But I soon replied:"But not Better than Jessie McCartney".And then I explained on how they have "Holy Scentuaries" somewhere hidden in New Mexico where they worship the
Teen Idol
Then nothing much happen for the rest of the day.SO, now i must say good bye.
witha KE KE KE


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