Monday, October 16, 2006

Take out the pliers Jimmy,This guy aint talking!

Pimp my Metal Slug'

Moday was above by the standards today and was actually,dare I say...GOOD.
skipping my usual sequence of tellling about the bus ride I started of my day in Social Studies,for you readers were not learning about Canada anymore it's Mexico
Mexico,yeah you can tell my sombraro and my goofy expression,not to mention my pimpalicious handle bars...yeah,moving on.In a eariler post i said about Disliking Reading...i've come to realize to take that back...Engilsh is worse.
All mrs.Solenburger does is rant and be a prick about speeches.We have to learn these gay jingles on eplaining types nouns,verbs etc. Expamples:This lil' noun floatin around' names a place,think or idea, with a nick nack paddywhack isnt language FUN AND COOL?? and we had to say it in
of the class.:(.Moving on,Keyboarding was meh,Amber kept on hiccuping in class and to my surpise i believe that Mr.Kennedy seems angry.Wowzers.This is the first time in the whole time i've been in skool.And i meant to spell it like that,im weird like that.At lunch,I sat next to Nick,who had been gone to Florida for a baseball tourtament and vication.He told me they were the last English,speaking baseball team still in the playoffs.Heh.Imigrants.I joked around at recess with MA' CREW.
And Mr.Jones semt ticked off, he got angry at me because my saxaphone was squeaky,so I didnt play for the rest of the session to avoid frustration.PE was quite an event,we played the gayest
baseball clone,Scrambleyou kick the ball and if you get taged the person who tagged you screams SCRAMBLE!!and the player has to tag another person while the defenseive side has to make it to the plate.It sounds dangerous and im quite surpised no one has collided with eachother.And soon it was my time to get up,I kicked the ball.Ran ran like a horse with no legs.If that similie didnt make sense,punch me.And while almost running into Luke Hoerr i safely ran to the base (theres only one base)and once Ryan St. ,kicked the ball i ran.But i soon realized that i was going too fast.So i stook out my wrists.Not a good idea : /.As soon i collided my sprained my wrists.They still hurt as i type or even move them at all but i can take the pain.And everything else was good.After that,School was over and im safely in my toasty dungeon,programming a game.Tis All.Thats it.Bye.Now run you frat >:(



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Wowzers. Isn't that such a fun word? :D

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