Sunday, June 18, 2006


Today sucked.Straight foward :

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Night. Monring .Afternoon

Even though i havent blogged in quite some time (it's better that Ethan he hasnt posted in weeks! His friends are right:He's shutting himslef from the socibale world.) but anyways this is all i did.

Morning:i woke up at about 6-ish had some break-fast and watched the boob tube.Self explained.

Afternoon: it soon felt i was bored so i took a long scooter ride to relieve boredom. Hours later, my mom got ticked for a stupid reason and was lecturing me until my savior:Father CAME WIT' A BIG DAMMMMMMMN! truck (for retal hauling and plus i considered it "Branded" with the dorky "Home Depot" logo) after 15 minutes of releasing our inner rednecks my mom and I soon shook hands and forgave.

Night:as soon as i stepped out of my dad's car i found a certain someone (Neighbor) riding his "Big DAMMMMMMMMMMMMn TRACTOR!!". Being the friendly neighbor i am i had showed him a message saying to keep his rural side on x]. After eating @ subway (those tuscan sandwiches rock my mouth) we met and worked on episode 4 of the Westons.That went excellent. BUT NOT THE UPLOADING!!. As im typing right now at this very second Myspace is still saying "prossing" after 3 HOURS!!.WE NEED A NEW HOST!!.but any way thats about what happened


Monday, June 12, 2006

Blarrgin Mondays

Today was a truly excting day. I woke up at 8 and found out i got stupider on brain age :O.
I was talking to a friend on my game maker game about the certain characters in my game which found me soon scrapping the charater of Victoria Assen (who seemed to dictatorish,and she was russian)and replaing the rebel with a princess from Kenya named "Crystal" (too original i know) and i havent really done anything since Ethan was last here.welp,any way stay tuned to stupid announcements

Friday, June 09, 2006

A typical day...

Today was a truely boring day.I mainly just worked on my Game maker Project (which is going great!) ate,take a walk in a mixed order. Things got more exciting when my dad got home from his business trip but thats about all that happened.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Satan's B-day (a hell of a day!)BAD JOKE!!

Even though it was 666 day it wasnt that bad.It first started out with my dad leaving for a business trip to Tennesnee and just loafing around.Later on,Ethan-o had invited me to his par-tay! i had to bring in 2 eggs btw.Once,I was there I found Lauren making a satanic cake (even with the numbers and logos)I soon had to leave his pad.

Once I got home we went to Eb games where I bought Brain Age.I really like it the only problem is it makes me feel super stupid x].

well thats about all that happened.bye.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Adlington Extavaganza!

Well here i am (tired and pooped) from Nate's party. We first went to Leonardo's chill and open gifts but there was this creepy toddler tugging at my pant while i was balsting away on Galaga (which i did horrible on) he wouldn't go but soon some courageous parent took the scoundrel away so i could blast in peace. Nathan did his gift that i gave to him (combiened with the gift card and the funny card) who doesnt like a beat-up bloody batman cover of the only good DC hero!. Since scott picked Tetris DS out of the random and didnt even care to explain i explained the name of the game to Nathan because i had good expierence with that game when i borrowed it from Jared. I soon put up the high score (which will take Nathan a while x] )

Later on,Nathan and his montley crew (including me) went to Willow Knolls to see the new Dreamwork's Picture-"Over the Hedge". I thought movie was very enertaining and it had non-sterotypical characters.