Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Night. Monring .Afternoon

Even though i havent blogged in quite some time (it's better that Ethan he hasnt posted in weeks! His friends are right:He's shutting himslef from the socibale world.) but anyways this is all i did.

Morning:i woke up at about 6-ish had some break-fast and watched the boob tube.Self explained.

Afternoon: it soon felt i was bored so i took a long scooter ride to relieve boredom. Hours later, my mom got ticked for a stupid reason and was lecturing me until my savior:Father CAME WIT' A BIG DAMMMMMMMN! truck (for retal hauling and plus i considered it "Branded" with the dorky "Home Depot" logo) after 15 minutes of releasing our inner rednecks my mom and I soon shook hands and forgave.

Night:as soon as i stepped out of my dad's car i found a certain someone (Neighbor) riding his "Big DAMMMMMMMMMMMMn TRACTOR!!". Being the friendly neighbor i am i had showed him a message saying to keep his rural side on x]. After eating @ subway (those tuscan sandwiches rock my mouth) we met and worked on episode 4 of the Westons.That went excellent. BUT NOT THE UPLOADING!!. As im typing right now at this very second Myspace is still saying "prossing" after 3 HOURS!!.WE NEED A NEW HOST!!.but any way thats about what happened



Blogger AparoidKitty said...

May I point out that I was GROUNDED or unable to get on a computer.

9:04 PM  

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