Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well Look who it is!...Kenny Chesney!

Yeah...sorry for the horrible title i'm wrinkled out of ideas.

"A" day again. Heck,it wasnt that bad. I wrote about Canadian providences and their "economic activities"(if they have any... other than,Trees,Maple Syrup and Mooses) , Acted out Harry from Stormbreaker and ran around the English room (yeah that awkard... :K)Did poorly on a keyboarding quiz...and pre algebra with the rock hardest math teacher-Mr.Kennendy...PANCAKES! for lunch!! and this awesome new music in band having to do with DINOSAURS!! and me getting 3 hits and one out in steroids people...and leaving alcatraz and saving the Gorrila People of the 9th dimention.That was my summed up day well i must jet... for i have proper business to attend to....Later....

.... i memorized the Song of that one part isnt an's a breif pause


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