Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sound the Alarms, Jim Only Hours until Crisis Strikes!!

Some kids are real big Potty Mouths on Get the Picture

Well, anyways, It's only 1 more day till my Birthday. it's amazing how fast your life can be while at other times its as slow as hell. As for events for today, I did diddly squat. Nothing. Except look at Ebay Auctions. For some reason, I'm not too excited for my birthday as I usually am maybe it's just that I'll keep on aging and I will keep aging until I die. Yes, thats a pretty depressing thought but it's true. Also, another possible reason on why I'm not as excited for my Birthday is maybe because I probably won't get the thing I most desire (for now) the Neo-Geo AES. God, I've wanted one of these suckers for about 3 years But have never come close to getting one. so For the last 3 years, I've been playing it on the non-authentic Pc Emulator and semi-decent ports of King of Fighters,Metal Slug, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Although these things are hard to come by It angers me on the fact that it's just so damn expensive, I saw the homecart of Blazing Star (quite Arguably, the best shooter on the system) going on for about 1,050 dollars! If you think thats reidiculous, alot of the Metal Slug AES carts catch for an even higher price. So, When I think about my birthday I more frown when I smile. Go figure.


Friday, July 06, 2007

"G" George Armillidillo


Wow, today was eventful Also, to my audience, I haven't updated in months mainly because my life is MEANINGLESS. or has no or at all value. It's like one of those Soap Operas nobody watches because they're in the Afternoon. Well, anyway, I played Ethan's Copy of STAR FOX and if you've played it, don't you think that Falco's voice is a little too deep like a blue's singer he's also Expecting the Super Scope (badass Nintendo Gun) and Yoshi's Safari (A game where you hunt exciting koopa shells, Goomba Teeth, Para-Goomba Wings and Sell it to the Black Money trying to auction the prices at the highest)we also played some Tiger Woods for the Wii, and The Physics are good, Graphics= bad, and menus=awful honestly, I've seen better Menus on the 2600 that are less infuriating!! anyways, later.

your extremely bad post provided by
-Atom Duck


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not a Wii related post!

Hello,viewers (although no one gives a care to even read this) I made a new video on youtube- I've decided to discontinue the Westons because it was such a hassle to make so i decided to come up with a new series: Justice Dog and since im such a nice guy i posted the video for you

Symposis: 2 teenage Ninjas steal their dad's car and crash it! who will save them??

just about everyone whos seen it says it was funny (mainly because theyre my friends :P)

Friday, December 22, 2006

wii rocks

IM POSTING THIS ON MY WIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Listen to the Green Elf kid...he has anwsers

sorry for the long peorid of not posting. Things have been as i say "poopy"
But anyway,I got a Wii. So happy. I screamed like the Nintendo 64 kid and so i was a happy camper after my horrendous week. Zelda is great and actually pretty tough. Wii sports is alot fun to
I hoped you enjoyed my bragging :D
-because i know you did

Monday, October 23, 2006

"Uranium supply...see the waters clear!"

Hello,bored reader,I have posted to comfirm that my monday was *uses Thesaurs* good.

today was your usual mix of work,study,work work
Sicence Started off with Mr.Plack was interegggationg us to see if we studied the life cycle of stars.I didnt read ot,but i did remember the facts from the last Science peroid.Then, we watched a Science video about the Life of stars.It wasnt as good as the dated 1970's docuemtery "the Sunspot Mystery" but it was still good enough to keep me awake-barely.They didnt even get to the main topic until 30 munites later! but i did give a silent laugh when the narrator:
Carl Segan tried to write a googolplex.He used Toilet paper to write down all the zeros in the large numbers.He went all around campus trying to measure out the number. But then he didnt have a enough paper to write the whole number
Reading we read more on "Light in the forest" which is a pretty good book. It's about a White boy being abdonded by his white parents and rasied as an Indian.Im enjoying it except for the homework section |:/ . BUT!! moving on,Keyboarding was as ecxciting as usual and math was pretty good espicaly,the story about the fan.I dont feel like explaining since im such a lazy ox.You'd have to be at my school to know.Lunch was Yummy.Since Nathan wasnt there i talked to Nick.And I told him about Baseball Stars 2.THE BEST BASEBALL GAME.EvuR
Study hall was quite an event. Nick and I talked about how the Girls at our Schools have become cocky and thinking theyre better than us.But I soon replied:"But not Better than Jessie McCartney".And then I explained on how they have "Holy Scentuaries" somewhere hidden in New Mexico where they worship the
Teen Idol
Then nothing much happen for the rest of the day.SO, now i must say good bye.
witha KE KE KE

Monday, October 16, 2006

Take out the pliers Jimmy,This guy aint talking!

Pimp my Metal Slug'

Moday was above by the standards today and was actually,dare I say...GOOD.
skipping my usual sequence of tellling about the bus ride I started of my day in Social Studies,for you readers were not learning about Canada anymore it's Mexico
Mexico,yeah you can tell my sombraro and my goofy expression,not to mention my pimpalicious handle bars...yeah,moving on.In a eariler post i said about Disliking Reading...i've come to realize to take that back...Engilsh is worse.
All mrs.Solenburger does is rant and be a prick about speeches.We have to learn these gay jingles on eplaining types nouns,verbs etc. Expamples:This lil' noun floatin around' names a place,think or idea, with a nick nack paddywhack isnt language FUN AND COOL?? and we had to say it in
of the class.:(.Moving on,Keyboarding was meh,Amber kept on hiccuping in class and to my surpise i believe that Mr.Kennedy seems angry.Wowzers.This is the first time in the whole time i've been in skool.And i meant to spell it like that,im weird like that.At lunch,I sat next to Nick,who had been gone to Florida for a baseball tourtament and vication.He told me they were the last English,speaking baseball team still in the playoffs.Heh.Imigrants.I joked around at recess with MA' CREW.
And Mr.Jones semt ticked off, he got angry at me because my saxaphone was squeaky,so I didnt play for the rest of the session to avoid frustration.PE was quite an event,we played the gayest
baseball clone,Scrambleyou kick the ball and if you get taged the person who tagged you screams SCRAMBLE!!and the player has to tag another person while the defenseive side has to make it to the plate.It sounds dangerous and im quite surpised no one has collided with eachother.And soon it was my time to get up,I kicked the ball.Ran ran like a horse with no legs.If that similie didnt make sense,punch me.And while almost running into Luke Hoerr i safely ran to the base (theres only one base)and once Ryan St. ,kicked the ball i ran.But i soon realized that i was going too fast.So i stook out my wrists.Not a good idea : /.As soon i collided my sprained my wrists.They still hurt as i type or even move them at all but i can take the pain.And everything else was good.After that,School was over and im safely in my toasty dungeon,programming a game.Tis All.Thats it.Bye.Now run you frat >:(