Monday, September 18, 2006

Fun without the "never ending"'s been over 3 or 4 weeks since i last posted, this is due to my school shedule (DAMN YOU,DAMN YOU TO HELL... and other Event's that have wasted my time.

Today was uhh.... how to describe... one of those meh days as usual but adding to the fact that it's monday but yeah. I woke up,ate.,and hopped onto the bus. The 6-k was being roudy as usual so i plucked out my good ol' cd (i dont need a ipoop for all you fadlovers) listening to Daft Punk. I started listening to Discovery today and had forgot how great the cd really is not that i loved it before it just felt like somewhat of a reunion...

since im a lazy ox... im just going to tell about my classes without any rants or really long paragraphs

Science:I started off every "b" day with sicence.Mr.Plack just played a game of 20 questions about what were going to learn this year,and a quiz will be friday.not much

Reading:I really hate this class due to it's repetition of doing the same things over again of doing stupid journal entries and mutha truckin' analogys like ham:meat:bread::blank.Then we go over the ws of the story and do a quiz on the stupid story.
But, moving on today we are going to do a writing project on the following things:
1.writing about a animal with growing pains (physicial/Emotional)
2.If you thought no.1 was retarded this one has you write about trees and they're memories about their life.
I choose no.1 and since we could pick a partner,i chose good ol' Scot (i meant to do that ;p)
to write about.We couldn't write about a horse,or a cat or a dog which is pretty lame because they are about the only animals that really express our emotions besides humans and emos.
So we were jotting down idea on what animals to choose when the idea (dont ask me why) of a Do-do bird poped into my head. I explained to Scott and he gave out a snkicker then i asked Mrs.Rosenbutt (Keyboarding:We did a quick warmup on a program from "typing tutor Deluex" wow. really professional,professional from somthing dating back to 1998,maybe.
We did our quiz,i missed 3 and Andrea (Paris Hilton) missed only 4! pet youslef on the back and give yourslef a cookie Andrea!! but the kicker part in today was we learned a new letter of the homerow it is ...T< / majestic> yes the letter T. Now we can say even more sillier phrases like:t taa tash taakks gaga gaasfafafdfasdfjdsla;fjklf;jdakl

Math:not much.We took a quiz and we were off to the next section of this incredibly huge blog post.

Lunch:My favorite subject! Too bad we dont have a teacher unless you count Big Mac (pricipal) as a babysiter.Today was Cheeseburger (OH BOY!) with fries.I sit next to Scott and cut into Kate A.'s spot boo hoo. she started to get angry and started taking my fries.The nerve of that pig.And she doesn't even eat lunch.Isnt that just crazy.I thought she is annerrxic and everybody else agreed.meh, anyway next subject.

Study Hall:I was just mainly taking to Matt on things like:the retarded dance cominig up,how the Nintendo Wii kicks sony's butt and brands it,and how Brandon McCormick asked Morgan out which is absolutley hallarious.I would make a picture but alot of people would konw what it look like.heh.

Artlast subject of the day.I talked to nathan for about the whole peroid with Nash butting in some of the subects of things we were yaking about.I cant believe Nash doesnt even know the Famous Carlos Mencia Line:DE DE DE!! and so once he heard it he kept on saying it without even the idea on what it meant."De De De" go Wkipedia it noob.

wow.this is hellofuvaalot of words and this is my conclusion good,bye
youre attracted to HIM.


Blogger AparoidKitty said...

It sounded like you had a fun-packed-to-the-fullest day at school. 2 quizzes? That's absurd..

Finally you update your blog! Gosh! :P

Peace out.

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